“A Quartet of Mums”, Lark’s Latest Blog by Basia Danilow

A Quartet of Mums
In the latest edition of Inside the Lark Quartet, violinist Basia Danilow talks about the challenges and joys of making music as a mother.

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about the specific parenting challenges we face as musicians. This was really on my mind as I observed Carrie on our most recent tour to CA. She was winding her way through the airport, cello strapped to her back, baby strapped to her front, pushing a stroller and lugging a bag besides. I couldn’t help thinking, “WOW…this is rather a unique sight!” Of course, my first thought was really, “I’d better help and grab a bag or a baby or something fast!”

With seven baby Larks between us, ranging in age from the oldest at twelve to the youngest at 4 months, the ladies of Lark are very familiar with balancing a busy performing schedule with family life….. read on