Composer Kenji Bunch shares his thoughts on MEGALOPOLIS (LARK/UIowa co-commission)

Daily Iowan features The LARK Quartet & Percussionist Yousif Sheronick

“Kathryn Lockwood, the [LARK’s] violist who happens to also be married to Yousif Sheronick, said working with percussion has opened her up to a whole new world of musical composition. This sense of discovery, especially in the context of the string quartet, was intriguing to Lockwood as one of the unique aspects of the genre is the breadth — and depth — of material that exists for it.

“There is so much of a string-quartet repertoire out there,” she said. “You can spend your whole life [playing] and not even scratch the surface.”

However, the quartet decided to scratch a new surface with commissioning a percussion piece for a quintet — four strings and percussion — from composer Kenji Bunch, a violist and composer known for his alternative and groundbreaking compositions.” -The Daily Iowan, full feature.

Bowdoin Orient: LARK Quartet innovates classic compositions

LARK Quartet was featured by Emily Cohen of The Bowdoin Orient in advance of their masterclass and concert on Saturday at Bowdoin College:

“I’ve always been impressed with [the LARK Quartet],” said Associate Professor of Music and Chair of the Music Department [at Bowdoin College] Vineet Shende… Shende believes that the performance will offer an opportunity for the audience to discover a more modern perspective of the traditional string quartet, one that goes beyond music from the 18th or 19th centuries.” -Bowdoin Orient, full article here.

Back by Popular Demand, Lark Returns to Performance Today

Disconnect to Reconnect Lark Quartet’s live recording of Sapo Perapaskero’s Turceasca with Yousif Sheronick will again be broadcast on Performance Today hosted by Fred Child. Recorded at the BPL Chamber Players Concert Series in 2013 it will be heard in the first hour of the show on March 22nd, 2016.

Hosted by Fred Child, Performance Today is America’s most popular classical music radio program; the show is broadcast on over 290 public radio stations across the country and reaches approximately 1.4 million listeners each week.

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Lark Broadcast on Performance Today

Disconnect to Reconnect

Lark Quartet’s live recording of Sapo Perapaskero’s Turceasca with Yousif Sheronick, recorded at the BPL Chamber Players Concert Series in 2013, will be broadcast on Performance Today, November 12th, 2015.

Hosted by Fred Child, Performance Today is America’s most popular classical music radio program; the show is broadcast on over 290 public radio stations across the country and reaches approximately 1.4 million listeners each week.

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“Disconnect to Reconnect” Lark’s Latest Blog by Deborah Buck

Disconnect to Reconnect

In the Lark Quartet​’s latest blog, violinist Deborah Buck talks about her strategies to create a natural musical environment where she can reconnect to the essence of what being an artist truly is.

Disconnect to Reconnect
As we are all well under way with the beginning of our season, I am determined not to forget how amazing I felt after having spent time away from my technologically dependent life. This past summer, most of my time was spent outside in nature. My conversations and business dealings with colleagues and friends were almost always experienced eye to eye rather than by texting or emailing. I enjoyed daily runs, hikes, and walks on the dirt roads of Vermont, where I heard only the sounds of frogs, birds, gurgling creeks, rain, and yes – bugs! Meals were enjoyed together with others, were home-cooked, and always began with “a moment of silence.” My mind and body were free. I FELT GOOD! I noticed that my dreaming was much more vivid. My spirit was refreshed because I had the space and time to reconnect with nature. My life energy came back fully, and because of this, my artistic creativity became immediately accessible. Feeling this way made me practice my violin differently… read on

Deborah Buck – Violinist
The Lark Quartet

Lark Congratulates Former Cellist Astrid Schween

Astrid Schween

The Lark Quartet is thrilled for Astrid Schween – former cellist of the Lark for 25 years, who will soon be joining the Juilliard Quartet. This is truly wonderful news and all of us with Lark, Debbie, Basia, Carrie, and Kathryn, could not be happier for her.

Debbie and Kathryn worked with Astrid for five years in the Lark Quartet and have many wonderful memories of that time together. Astrid is not only an amazing cellist with a huge and beautiful warm sound, but an inspiring human being and colleague with whom to have shared a portion of our musical life. Her dedication and commitment to the highest level of string quartet performance was a driving force in our history together.

A Big CONGRATULATIONS to our dear Astrid.

The Lark Quartet

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“A Quartet of Mums”, Lark’s Latest Blog by Basia Danilow

A Quartet of Mums
In the latest edition of Inside the Lark Quartet, violinist Basia Danilow talks about the challenges and joys of making music as a mother.

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about the specific parenting challenges we face as musicians. This was really on my mind as I observed Carrie on our most recent tour to CA. She was winding her way through the airport, cello strapped to her back, baby strapped to her front, pushing a stroller and lugging a bag besides. I couldn’t help thinking, “WOW…this is rather a unique sight!” Of course, my first thought was really, “I’d better help and grab a bag or a baby or something fast!”

With seven baby Larks between us, ranging in age from the oldest at twelve to the youngest at 4 months, the ladies of Lark are very familiar with balancing a busy performing schedule with family life….. read on

Lark Quartet Travels to California

Lark Quartet violinist Deborah Buck shares why she is so excited for the upcoming tour in California.

Presented in part by the LA Music Guild, The Lark Quartet will perform in Fullerton, Brentwood, Long Beach and North Hollywood from April 18th – 22nd. The program will feature works by Copland, Haydn, Wolf and Dvorak. Lark is also conducting outreach events in the various locations throughout the tour.

For further details on the tour please visit Lark’s calendar page.

Lockwood asks “What made you fall?”

Falling Under the Spell
In the latest contribution to Inside the Lark Quartet, violist Kathryn Lockwood asks the Lark Quartet what is was that made them fall in love with music.

As I put my 5 year old daughter to bed, with Perlman playing Kreisler softly on her stereo, I’m transported back to my childhood. I recall the time when I listened to music in bed and I’m reminded of that fantastic feeling of falling in love with music.

What a privilege it is to be able to listen to music filled with lyricism, virtuosity and pure beauty. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that life? Music makes us feel things and transports us to a realm of completeness. It elicits a huge range of responses and in doing so, keeps itself alive. As a young child falling in love with this kind of music, you can’t ever imagine a life without it.

Even when listening to Perlman playing Kreisler today, I still aspire to be able to play great music and to enjoy it for the rest of my life. This makes me wonder if those nights falling asleep to the old cassette player was my turning point and what led me to a career in music. Perhaps it is a series of nudges that turn us gently but with certainty.

I decided to ask the Lark girls some personal questions about their turning points and how they fell under the spell of music… read more

Composing America Producer Wins Grammy

Judith Sherman

The Lark Quartet is delighted that Judith Sherman, producer for our critically acclaimed recording Composing America, has won the 2015 Grammy Award for Best Producer – Classical.

This marks another amazing accolade for Judith in her remarkable career and we are delighted for our part in her achievement as well as for her fabulous contribution to the Composing America album.

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Stinson Looks Forward, and Back …

In Lark’s latest blog cellist Caroline Stinson talks about the balance of looking forward and backwards, and shares her excitement about celebrating the quartets 30th season.

We are all asked about our work. What are you up to? Where have you been playing? How is Lark? (okay that one happens to four select players!) Fortunately, when we love what we do, we are more than happy to talk about our work. But sometimes I find that talking about my work requires me to make a mental transition, trying to remember the last concert I played, when I’m focused on looking to the next …. read more

Lark Album Mentioned as Essential Listening

The Lark Quartet is delighted to read that An Exultation of Larks was named as one of 5 essential Jennifer Higdon recordings in a recent interview with her about her new opera and the importance of new music.

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Lark Reflects on 2014

In their latest blog Lark wishes you all a happy holiday season and takes a look back at 2014:

2014 has been a wonderful year for the Lark Quartet and in our last blog of the year, we wanted to reflect on the year that was before we dive into an exciting 2015… read more

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Lark Performs Haydn’s Lark Quartet

The Lark Quartet has uploaded a beautifully nuanced performance of Haydn String Quartet No. 53 in D Major, Op. 64. – “The Lark” to their YouTube Channel.

Renowned for their groundbreaking work in contemporary music, Here Lark shows their remarkable ability in the traditional string quartet repertoire.

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