Composing America

The Lark Quartet has a distinguished tradition of working closely with the country’s most celebrated composers and commissioning new works. This page highlights not only the quartet’s rich history (see the list below) but also features their upcoming commission projects.

Upcoming Commissions

Anna Weesner – Eight Lost Songs of Orlando Underground
Scored for Clarinet and Strings

World Premiere: TBD

With Guest Artist Todd Palmer

From the Composer:

Orlando Underground is the thinly veiled pseudonym of a blues guitarist (and eponymous member of the well-known band) who harbored a longstanding interest in notated composition. Orlando always wondered what life might have been like if he hadn’t joined the band, and hadn’t stayed in the band all those years, instead nurturing his other musical interests.

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Lark Commissions

In 2016/17 Lark celebrated it’s 30th Anniversary with a multi work commissioning project. New works by Kenji Bunch, Andrew Waggoner and John Harbison noted below with *.

  • Bolcom, William: Billy in the Darbies for Baritone & String Quartet, 2010
  • *Bunch, Kenji: Megalopolis for String Quartet & Percussion, 2016 – co-commissioned with the University of Iowa String Quartet Residency*
  • First, Craig P: String Quartet
  • Gershwin: Strike up the Band & Embraceable You, arr. A. Waggoner
  • *Harbison, John: String Quartet No. 6, 2017 – co-missioned with Ariel quartet,Telegraph quartets and Tanglewood Institute*
  • Higdon, Jennifer: Scenes from the Poet’s Dreams for Left Hand Piano & String Quartet
  • Kernis, Aaron Jay: Musica Celistis – String Quartet No. 1
  • Kernis, Aaron Jay: Musica Instrumentalis – String Quartet No. 2
  • Larsen, Libby: Alauda – Concert Piece for String Quartet
  • Moravec, Paul: Claritas – String Quartet No. 3
  • Muhly, Nico: Big Time for String Quartet and Percussion
  • Perapaskero, Sapo: Turceasca for String Quartet and 1 Percussion, arr. G.Green
  • Phillips, Mark: Another Lark Quartet – String Quartet No. 2
  • Roumain, Daniel Bernard: Parks – String Quartet No. 5
  • Steinke, Greg: Native American Notes The Bitter Roots of Peace – String Quartet
  • *Waggoner, Andrew: “Ce morceau de tissu” for two string quartets, 2017 – co commissioned with The Mai Family Foundation & The Thelma Hunter Fund of the American Composers Forum*


As part of our Composing America Commissioning Project, Lark collaborated with several leading artists to produce our latest release “Composing America” on Bridge Records. For more information go to our Recordings Page.