Daily Iowan features The LARK Quartet & Percussionist Yousif Sheronick

“Kathryn Lockwood, the [LARK’s] violist who happens to also be married to Yousif Sheronick, said working with percussion has opened her up to a whole new world of musical composition. This sense of discovery, especially in the context of the string quartet, was intriguing to Lockwood as one of the unique aspects of the genre is the breadth — and depth — of material that exists for it.

“There is so much of a string-quartet repertoire out there,” she said. “You can spend your whole life [playing] and not even scratch the surface.”

However, the quartet decided to scratch a new surface with commissioning a percussion piece for a quintet — four strings and percussion — from composer Kenji Bunch, a violist and composer known for his alternative and groundbreaking compositions.” -The Daily Iowan, full feature.