“Disconnect to Reconnect” Lark’s Latest Blog by Deborah Buck

Disconnect to Reconnect

In the Lark Quartet​’s latest blog, violinist Deborah Buck talks about her strategies to create a natural musical environment where she can reconnect to the essence of what being an artist truly is.

Disconnect to Reconnect
As we are all well under way with the beginning of our season, I am determined not to forget how amazing I felt after having spent time away from my technologically dependent life. This past summer, most of my time was spent outside in nature. My conversations and business dealings with colleagues and friends were almost always experienced eye to eye rather than by texting or emailing. I enjoyed daily runs, hikes, and walks on the dirt roads of Vermont, where I heard only the sounds of frogs, birds, gurgling creeks, rain, and yes – bugs! Meals were enjoyed together with others, were home-cooked, and always began with “a moment of silence.” My mind and body were free. I FELT GOOD! I noticed that my dreaming was much more vivid. My spirit was refreshed because I had the space and time to reconnect with nature. My life energy came back fully, and because of this, my artistic creativity became immediately accessible. Feeling this way made me practice my violin differently… read on

Deborah Buck – Violinist
The Lark Quartet