Lockwood asks “What made you fall?”

Falling Under the Spell
In the latest contribution to Inside the Lark Quartet, violist Kathryn Lockwood asks the Lark Quartet what is was that made them fall in love with music.

As I put my 5 year old daughter to bed, with Perlman playing Kreisler softly on her stereo, I’m transported back to my childhood. I recall the time when I listened to music in bed and I’m reminded of that fantastic feeling of falling in love with music.

What a privilege it is to be able to listen to music filled with lyricism, virtuosity and pure beauty. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that life? Music makes us feel things and transports us to a realm of completeness. It elicits a huge range of responses and in doing so, keeps itself alive. As a young child falling in love with this kind of music, you can’t ever imagine a life without it.

Even when listening to Perlman playing Kreisler today, I still aspire to be able to play great music and to enjoy it for the rest of my life. This makes me wonder if those nights falling asleep to the old cassette player was my turning point and what led me to a career in music. Perhaps it is a series of nudges that turn us gently but with certainty.

I decided to ask the Lark girls some personal questions about their turning points and how they fell under the spell of music… read more